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Michael Jeh has proven to be an excellent coordinator, outstanding presenter and very proactive and adaptable to the needs of the ARU and most importantly the players. Ben Whitaker, Rugby Australia

Cricket Australia had Michael present at our U17 National Championships and he was such a well-received speaker by the players. Not only was he entertaining, his messaging and his engaging delivery style is second to none. It is always a joy to work with Michael, he collaborates and clearly identifies where he can impact an education session. We look forward to working with him much more in the future. Lauren Cooper, Cricket Australia

These skills are vital to any young athlete who intends to make a life in sport and it’s great that someone’s doing something to create good role models rather than fixing problems later in their career. Libby Trickett, Olympic gold medallist and world champion swimmer

I have got to know Michael across a number of settings over the last 6 years through our connections and involvement in Rugby and Schools. When presenting to teenage boys, Michael’s seminars are always engaging, well researched and insightful. He is a consummate professional who is highly organised, communicative and passionate about making a difference by educating young men.

Michael questions the status quo and asks his audience to do the same.He uses tactful and intelligent humour and real life story telling to share his message. I highly recommend him to add value to boy’s educational and sporting programs.  Mark DeBrincat,  Head of Rugby – Cranbrook School, Sydney

Extremely well targeted and presented ensuring quality cut-through on issues that have proven to be so important in today’s professional sporting arena. Ben Whitaker, Rugby Australia

Michael has a refreshingly commonsense approach to the challenges that young people face…presented in an informative and entertaining way. Feedback from athletes and staff was highly complimentary. Lydia Najlepsky, Personal Best Consulting (consultant for Baseball Australia)

Michael Jeh has regularly been invited to present at QUT’s Stepping Out Conference for graduating teachers. He is an excellent role model for teachers in training, reminding them of the significant part they will play in supporting and shaping their future students’ lives. He instantly captures your attention with engaging and entertaining personal stories. His thought-provoking ideas are further supported with research.  He encourages his audience to engage in deep reflection and to consider the consequences of their everyday decisions and actions. He inspires graduating teachers to adopt a positive outlook and to connect with their students by seeing the world through their eyes. Michael is a motivational speaker whose message stays with you long after the conclusion of his presentation. Rebecca Spooner-Lane, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, QUT

We were fortunate enough to have Michael work with our 1st XV rugby and cricket squads during their pre-season. Michael has an amazing talent for engaging with student athletes in a workshop environment, in a meaningful, life-changing way.
Michael worked collaboratively and professionally with us prior to the workshop, seeking to tailor his messages and method for greater effectiveness. The results are still prevalent well after the time Michael spent with us. I could not recommend Michael more highly. He is a true professional with a unique life story and an extraordinary understanding of contemporary issues facing young student athletes and future sporting role-models. Greg Thorne, Director of Activities (Sport & Culture), St. Joseph’s Nudgee College, Brisbane

Michael has conducted ‘Life Skills’ development workshops at Hilder Road State School for our Year 6 students and parents since 2016. This program forms an integral part of our broader transition to high school program. Michael understands contemporary issues and their potential impact on young people. When presenting, Michael effectively engages both students and parents through a unique ‘story telling’ approach drawing from a deep well of diverse life experience.  John Collins, Principal, Hilder Road State School, Brisbane

What a perfect balance  … serious and important topics to prepare kids (and their parents) for the challenges of adolescence, but delivered in a highly engaging and entertaining way! Michael covered so many pertinent topics in both the student and parent presentations, including navigating challenges relating to drugs and alcohol, gender respect, life ‘online’, body image, and some super tips and tricks for both kids and parents to support and optimise safe decision-making across the board. Students were captivated and many parents reported their kids returned home from these presentations bursting with sharings, thereby providing timely opportunities for mums and dads to connect with their kids and further discuss these important topics with their children. The evening session for parents provided up to the minute evidence based strategies to support our children through the challenging teen years, with plenty of good humour and opportunities to share ideas and questions, empowering parents further with the task ahead! Michael Jeh’s Life Skills proved an excellent package of learning that will certainly remain a highlight of our transition to high school planning. Tracey Jenkinson, Wellbeing Coordinator, Ironside State School

Michael Jeh is a highly experienced motivational speaker and educator who specialises in working with late primary school children and adolescents (and their parents, community, teachers) in the area of risk-taking behaviours which encompass drugs, alcohol, social media, sexuality and the many issues that confront parents as they attempt to navigate through the teenage years.

I have now been most fortunate to have seen Michael present in six different styles of workshops and cannot recommend him highly enough. He is truly inspirational! Michael covers many subjects in a way that reaches students or any audience by both “touching them emotionally” and confronting them all at the same time though his own personal experience of being a refugee, international cricketer and currently a wildlife ranger in Africa and motivational speaker. His journeys alone again are nothing short of incredible and he connects with his audience on a level that far exceeds all expectations. Vanessa Perrin, Careers Adviser, Mullumbimby State High School, NSW

Michael challenged our students to think; to think about the now, to think about tomorrow, and to think about the person they want to be. His presentation provided the critical edge in ensuring our students challenge assumptions about what students from a rural setting can achieve. Neal Reed, Acting Principal, Gilgandra State High School, NSW

Your presentation was cleverly crafted, capturing the interest of all participants.  The content was extremely relevant and presented in a way that hooked the students and delivered a clear message that will be of benefit in their work as school leaders and in their lives beyond the school gate.  Mark Breckenridge, Principal, Ferny Grove State High School, QLD

I can’t thank you enough for your presentation to our parent body.  I have had many parents come and see me specifically to say how much they valued your session and how much they would like it to be added as a yearly event.  Thank-you for your obvious passion and dedication, it is inspiring and thought-provoking. Aminta Miller, Deputy Principal, Nundah State School, QLD

Michael’s message to the students was delivered in an open, direct and sometimes brutally honest manner using current data and engaging technologies. The parent information evening was equally impressive with Michael speaking openly about the need for adolescent boys to take risks but all within a controlled environment. The discussion following Michael’s presentation was indicative of his success in engaging the parent audience. Matthew Hutchison, Principal, St Augustine’s College, Sydney

Just wanted to thank you for the recent life skills course you provided to the Corinda SHS Football Excellence students. We all had a fantastic day, students and teachers alike. There was a buzz of excitement on the bus ride home and I could see the students were really inspired by you. I personally see this as a highlight of the year. Matthew Redman, teacher, Corinda State High School, QLD

Thanks Michael for the great work you have done with giving my son and his school mates valuable life skills.  You focused on confirming the importance of having good values, good mates and a good education as well as giving the boys an awareness of the risks  they will face and providing them with harm prevention skills.  The discussions you had with the boys about values and the importance of them being true to their values in a variety of teenage settings gave the boys practical skills to know how to conduct themselves in various circumstances they are probably going to face.

In the Life Skills sessions you conducted, I was really impressed with the comprehensive range of  topics you covered, including:

  • Drugs – don’t try it once … and why

  • Values – the importance of having good values and be true to them

  • Friends – choose your friends wisely  and good friends don’t let their friends made bad choices

  • Internet – don’t disclosure yourself and don’t talk to strangers on the internet

  • Learn from your own mistakes and learn from the mistakes of other

  • The difference between talent and … hard work/determination

  • The importance of setting goals now for what you want to do when you grow up.

  • Life/sport is not all about winning at any costs… it’s about being honest and do your best

  • Your value is not associated with winning, it’s about how you conduct yourself

  • Teenagers need 10-11 hours sleep per day.. and why they need to get to bed early and not be on their ipad/iphone all night

  • How to be true to your values and not be influenced by peer pressure to do drugs, alcohols, get in a car with someone who has been drinking etc.

Your life skills presentations were inspirational and very clever in how you engaged and connected with teenagers and how you get the key messages across to them. I really respect and appreciate the specialist expertise you have developed in engaging and educating teenagers.  Catherine Hartley, parent (Churchie)

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging Michael to talk to the kids and parents last week. I found him very interesting and having a son leaving year 12 in a few weeks as well and another going onto High School next year, his points were very relevant. My son (13) found him very good to listen to as well. He came home and told us a few of the things that obviously stuck in his head. I really wish my Year 12 son could have had him go to the High School and talk to them as well! Kym, parent at Ferny Grove State School

I have spoken to the parents of the boy. They were so grateful for the effect it has had on him. That one example alone makes it worthwhile. Manu Sutherland, Rugby Australia

An amazing story, Michael, keep doing what you are doing so well, changing young people’s lives for the better. Pam Parker, Former Mayor of Logan City

A professional presentation that was run in a manner that was sports specific and appealed to our younger athletes. James Eggington, Surfing Australia

My son Ben attended your program and came away really encouraged and stimulated. He said that the presentation on drugs and violence were the most powerful he’d ever heard. Opprtunities like this are fantastic for young people. Aubrey W, parent of 16 year old schoolboy

I feel a great satisfaction knowing that now I have an advantage over others on how to handle myself in the public eye and maintain a consistent reputation. A truly remarkable experience that I can refer to for the rest of my life. Belinda – 17 years old

I have been getting some excellent feedback from the session from both players and parents!! One parent called me personally, on the verge of tears, to say thank you for the impression the session left on their boy. They have been trying to get the message across to him about facebook with no success. After Wednesday he has shut down his facebook page. Grant Anderson, The Rugby Academy

I walked away from each session learning something that can be incorporated into my life. Danielle Stewart, softballer and Olympic bronze medallist

The course has opened my eyes to some of the more important aspects of life outside of sport, and more importantly has highlighted the importance of doing everything in my power to prepare as best I can for life after sport or as the course. I left each session knowing I had acquired fundamental skills required for everyday life. Simona Vavega, Brisbane Broncos (2008)