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Michael Jeh

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Michael Jeh

Educator and public speaker based in Brisbane, Australia.

I’m passionate about finding ways to engage with people across issues like Domestic Violence, bullying, racism and Inclusion. I am a guest speaker and educator/facilitator at schools, universities, corporate settings and with elite sporting codes.  I have worked with Rugby Australia as their education provider in their “lifeskills” program since 2008.

One of the things that really drives me is a project called A Few Good Men. It’s essentially a men’s revolution, a movement aimed at getting us men to take total ownership of the way we treat women.  I am a proud Ambassador for Small Steps 4 Hannah, the foundation dedicated to the tragic DV murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children.  I have designed a special program called Hannah's Story which is aimed at highlighting the red flags of Coercive Control.  

Violence against women is one of the great unspoken tragedies of our time and the amazing thing about it is that it can only be fixed by one group in society – men! Read more about A Few Good Men here.


I’m a White Ribbon Ambassador, which means I stand up, speak up and act to prevent men’s violence against women. 


I run lifeskills programs for elite sporting teams, schools and community groups. I also work with these organisations in other ways. Here’s part 1 of a 3 part documentary film I produced for Surfing Australia, tackling the issue of illicit drugs in a way that tries to engage with youth.

I am a journalist and writer.  I write on cricket issues for one of India's biggest newspapers, Mid-day.  Previously, I was a write for ESPN Cricinfo for 8 years.  I was a regular contributor to The Drum website on the ABC - here is just one article I wrote in 2008 about "life balance" for elite athletes.  Prior to that I was Manager of the Griffith University Sports College where I worked for 10 years after returning from playing first-class and professional cricket in the UK.

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